Kyrgyzstan could become an energy-independent country if an additional 600 MW of capacity will be commissioned, National Energy Holding OJSC Head Aitmamat Nazarov told reporters at Kabar News Agency.

According to his data, until 2010 Kyrgyzstan was selling surplus electricity to neighbouring countries and consumption has been growing by 6-7% over the past three years.

“That is, electricity production and consumption have almost equaled, and there is little capacity left in the reserve. This could threaten the country’s energy independence. As of today, there is about 100 MW of reserve, and additional capacity needs to be commissioned. And if Kyrgyzstan does not do that, the country will have to import electricity and become energy dependent,” the National Energy Holding head said.

He noted due to the onset of the low-water season, which, according to experts, will last for about 5 years, talks are under way to supply electricity to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.