Analytical Centre «Central Eurasia Transboundary Research Network» was created as a Think Tank for analytical support of the Customs Training Centre under the State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Analytical Centre was opened in October 2018 with the support of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek. Since May 2019, the project site has been launched - where analytical materials are available in English, Kyrgyz and Russian languages.

Main tasks of the Analytical Centre:

- To make a comprehensive research for the States Customs Service in the field of Eurasian Economic Integration, co-operation of Kyrgyzstan with the World Customs Organization and the World Trade Organization;

- To monitor cross-border trade in all border points of Kyrgyzstan by paying particular attention to trade facilitation, development of transport corridors, changes in relevant legislation, investment climate, flow of  goods, labor and capitals;

- To comprehensively analyze the economic, socio-political, trade and investment situation of countries and regions whose development directly or indirectly affects trade, GDP, investments, development of individual sectors of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- To forecast and propose options for the development of economic connectivity of the countries of Central Asia and the entire region of Central Eurasia (Mongolia, Afghanistan, part of the Russian Federation, partly the Caucasus and China); 

- To assess changes and fulfillment of international obligations of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of trade, phytosanitary and veterinary control, as well as technical regulation in the framework of international trade unions and organizations which include the Kyrgyz Republic.