Along the Zhangakty River in Leilek region of Batken Oblast local entrepreneur Asan Kalbekov is building a mini hydropower plant and a pumping station for KGS 70 million to cover more than 1.5 thousand hectares of irrigated land.

Baimurat Bekmuratov, the Leilek region head said the Zhangakty River flows between the rocks of the Beles Gorge and around the gorge there is a huge undeveloped land. In this regard, there was a need to launch a pumping station.

The entrepreneur spent more than KGS 70 million for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant.

“Our local businessman invests a lot of money, construction is on schedule. According to the plan, the hydropower plant will be put into operation by 2020. At the moment, expensive units have been purchased, and a facility is under construction to install the units. A 2 km long canal is also being built,” he said.

With the help of the pumping station it will be possible to develop up to 1 thousand hectares of land.