Possibility of connection of commercial banks and payment system operators / payment organizations to Safe City automated information system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for payment of fines is discussed. Website of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan says.

A regular meeting of the interdepartmental commission on increasing the share of non-cash payments and settlements in the country was held at the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan. Participants of the meeting considered a plan for exempting buyers from payment of sales tax in case of sale of goods and services in a cashless form. In addition, it is planned to change the decision on the protection of consumer rights. Amendments will concern the obligations of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to install equipment (devices) for receiving payments using bank payment cards and electronic money.

«The possibility of payment for medical services at healthcare institutions through POS terminals and collection of fines for violations without additional fees by commercial banks and payment organizations was discussed,» the message says.